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not many of these left...

some classic videos archived here!!! more to come...  
CLICK HERE to see Leftover Crack's first music video, directed by Xris Spider and STZA

"Bravery" video finds the boys fighting knights in shining armor, rescuing damsels in distress, performing miraculous skateboard tricks, and freeing slaves from the all powerful King ZAK.

Bravery hi bandwidth 15.5 mb quicktime

"Corporate Trash" video shot on "our streets", L.E.S., NYC, U.S.A. Starring Team Spider, Evil Ronald M., some old lady and a lotta TRASH.

Corporate Trash lo bandwidth 6.6mb quicktime

Check out the new Team Spider TV opening credits, with fancy graphix, and secret hidden messages.

Opening Credits lo bandwidth 1.9mb quicktime

"Santarchy in the USA" shot on Santacon Day 2001. Watch for Team Spider member Les and for an unlucky Santa getting mauled by a Dalmatian.

Santarchy in the U.S.A. lo bandwidth 2.9mb quicktime

"Meet Zak" introduces the newcomer to the phenomenon known as ZAK. As you will see, ZAK is THE MAN.

Meet Zak hi bandwidth 11.1mb quicktime

"Grooming George" shot at TS HQ before a show on Tompkins Sq. It demonstrates the impressive grooming habits of our drummer George.

Grooming George hi bandwidth 5.7mb quicktime

"Operation: Firework War" is an annual Team Spider event where young Americans get to do what they love most: drink beer and shoot each other.

Operation: Firework War hi bandwidth 9.3mb quicktime